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Online Purchase (Travel Insurance)
Issuing a travel insurance within 1 minute? Our online platform can make it happen! No redundant questions needed, our system will calculate the most affordable price for you after selecting region, travel dates and number of travellers. Policy will be sent via email, so buy now and fly! Watch the video to learn how fast it can be!
It’s so speedy to purchase Target Travel Insurance!
Online Purchase (Home Insurance – Basic Plan)
It’s so easy to purchase Home Insurance through our online insurance platform! You can get the quotation immediately after selecting Building Age, Premises Type and Gross Floor Area, and answering 3 underwriting questions! Watch the video now and you would know how simple it is!
It’s so easy to purchase Target Home Insurance!
Online Purchase (Home Insurance – Worldwide Personal Effects & Valuables)
Everyone has treasured items, but Home Insurance can cover personal effects within home generally. If you want to protect your valuables outside home, you may choose the optional coverage of Worldwide Personal Effects & Valuables. You may even customize your sum through our online insurance platform. Watch below video to see how to insure your valuables!
Select Worldwide Personal Effects & Valuables, you can feel at ease to carry your valuable handbags and watches along with you!
Online Purchase (Home Insurance – Building All Risks)
People may not aware of the difference between Building All Risks and Home Insurance. In fact, Building All Risk is to protect the building itself, such as walls, floors and its fixtures and equipment. You will be reimbursed for the costs of repairing or rebuilding the building against the loss or damage to the building structure that caused by fire, typhoon, earthquakes or other unforeseen disasters. Check out the video now to see how to buy protection for your property!
Buy both Home Insurance and Building All Risks to completely protect your home and make it home sweet home!
Online Purchase (Home Insurance – Domestic Helper)
Home Insurance and Domestic Helper Insurance are generally purchased in separate policies in the market. However, our online insurance platform provides an option that you can issue one single policy with combined coverage for Home and Domestic Helper in order to reduce time in managing two separate policies. Watch the video to experience the flexibility!
One policy or separate policies, you can pick your own choice!
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