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Unlimited Online Medical Consultation for a Second Medical Opinion
We understand the feeling of being diagnosed with cancer, so we are devoted to offer unlimited second medical opinion – Best Doctor Services, which are available to the Insured and his or her immediate family members to receive online advice on general information regarding certain areas of medicine or assessment about their medical condition. The service gives fast access to obtain analysis and opinion by over 50,000 top medical experts around the world.
Starting from HK$2 per day ‧ Enjoy up to HK$1,600,000 in Compensation
Cancer can arise at an unexpected time, so it is always important to plan ahead. Starting from HK$2 per day, you can enjoy up to HK$1,600,000 worth of cancer protection. If you are first diagnosed with a cancer covered by our insurance plan, cash compensation will be offered to alleviate your financial burden. For more details, please refer to the Schedule of Benefits.
Timely Detection ‧
Early Treatment
With the advancement of medicine, cancer is curable, and timely treatment increases the chance of cure. If first diagnosed with carcinoma-in-situ at a certain site, we will provide advanced benefits to ensure immediate treatment is received at the initial stage without financial concern.
Coverage on over 20 sites ‧ Face Challenges Together Side by Side
We cover cancers in more than 20 sites, including Hong Kong's top ten common cancers, such as colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, melanoma cancer, uterine cancer, lymphoma and nasopharyngeal cancer, etc., providing the necessary financial support to confront challenges.
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