Basic Coverage
Basic Coverage
The Maximum Limit Per Insured Person and Benefits for each plan under this Policy are specified in the following table in accordance with the Schedule.
Benefits HK$
Plan Child Plan Plan A Plan B Plan C
  Aged 6 months to 17 years old; aged 18 to 23 years old unmarried full-time student Aged 18 to 65 years old (renewable up to aged 70 years old)
1.Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement
  250,000 500,000 750,000 1,000,000
2.Accidental Medical Expenses
2.1In-Patient / Outpatient Medical Expenses
(per accident)
10,000 10,000 15,000 20,000
2.2Chinese Bonsetter or Acupuncturist Treatment Expenses
(per year)
4,000 (max 2,000 per accident, 250 per visit)
3.24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Services
  Enquiry or Referral Services
4.Major Burns (Second or Third degree)
Double Indemnity
Payable in the event of a defined accident leading to death
  • While travelling on a public transport over a designated land or sea route as a fare-paying passenger; or
  • While travelling in any airline schedule flight as a passenger; or
  • During a robbery or attempted robbery; or
  • Due to a fire or explosion at home
500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000
6.Funeral Expenses
Optional Coverage
Optional Coverage
Benefits HK$
Plan Child Plan Plan A Plan B Plan C
Temporary Disablement # Occupation Class I: 18% / Occupation Class II: 22% /
Occupation Class III: 33% / Occupation Class IV: N/A
Major Exclusions
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities or war like operations (whether war be declared or not).
  • Any Act of Terrorism.
  • Ionizing radiations from or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste or from the combustion of nuclear fuel or any chemical, biological, bio-chemical, or electromagnetic weapon.
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or intentional self-inflicted bodily injuries, insanity, abortion, miscarriage, assigned complications, pregnancy, child-birth, venereal diseases, the use of alcohol or drugs other than those prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner, dental treatment unless resulting from accidental bodily injury to sound and natural teeth.
  • Pre-existing conditions, congenital or hereditary conditions.
  • Any sports in a professional capacity.
  • Any organized sports, any kind of race (other than Marathon races only), motor rallies and competition, mountaineering (necessitating the use of ropes or pitons), speed or endurance tests, parachuting, trekking or hiking at an altitude of over 5,000 meters above sea-level, scuba diving to a depth greater than 30 meters below sea-level, or other hazardous pursuits or occupations.
  • Any air travel other than when the insured person is traveling as a fare-paying passenger on a regular scheduled airline or licensed chartered aircraft.
Important Notes
  1. Age limit from 6 months to 65 years old (renewable up to 70 years old).
  2. A child under age 18 years old will not be added for coverage unless a parent is on the policy as well.
  3. The Company has the final decision on the acceptance of this application and the insurance coverage. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Company shall be final.
  4. This website provides a brief introduction only. Please refer to the insurance policy for detailed terms and conditions, a specimen of which is available upon request. In the event any discrepancy between the Chinese and English language of this website, the English version shall prevail.
  5. This insurance is underwritten by Target Insurance Company, Limited.
#The compensation shall not exceed 75% of average weekly earnings of the insured person, subject to maximum of HK$5,000 per week and up to 104 weeks at maximum.
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