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Double Indemnity for Accidental Death
A double compensation will be made if the insured person dies due to an injury incurred during any of the following scenarios:
  • While travelling on a public transport over a designated land or sea route as a fare-paying passenger; or
  • While travelling in any airline schedule flight as a passenger; or
  • During a robbery or attempted robbery; or
  • Due to a fire or explosion at home.
Optional Personal Accident Plan
In our daily lives, accidents happen without warning. To help protect you and your family against accidents, we offer 3 adult plans and 1 child plan that caters to your different needs. If the insured person encounters an accident that results in death or a permanent disability, you could receive compensation of up to HK $1 million to bolster you and your family with much-needed financial support.
Professional Support.
Anytime Anywhere
If you suffered an accident outside your home country, we understand that you would feel anxious and require immediate help. Our 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Support is available to come to your rescue. We offer free emergency referral services and are committed to providing you with timely support.

24/7 Worldwide Emergency Support: (852) 3700 6621
Optional Coverage of Temporary Disablement
In the unfortunate event you meet with an accident that causes a temporary disability, we can help reduce the stress of being absent from work and potential medical bills. Our fixed weekly compensation option is provided to help alleviate your financial burden.
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