Premium Details
Premium Details
Annual Premium (Basic Benefits)* HK$
Child Plan Plan A Plan B Plan C
Occupation Class I
446 621 929 1,236
Occupation Class II
N/A 876 1,311 1,746
Occupation Class III
N/A 1,351 2,024 2,696
Occupation Class IV
N/A 2,136 Enquiry Enquiry
Optional Coverage
Optional Coverage
Premium of Temporary Disablement:
premium rate % X sum insured
Temporary Disablement
Occupation Class I Occupation Class II Occupation Class III Occupation Class IV
18% 22% 33% N/A
Occupation Classification#
Class Occupation
I Professions and occupations mainly of indoor work and a non-hazardous nature.
  For example: accountants, administrators, architects, clerks, dentists, indoor sales representatives, lawyers, medical practitioners, pharmacists, students, teachers, and nurses (clinic) etc.
II Professions and occupations requiring outdoor work or occasional manual work or use of light tools or machines of non-hazardous nature etc.
  For example: commercial travelers, stockbrokers, housewives, hairdressers, private car / taxi drivers, outdoor sales representatives, tailors and waiters/waitresses (restaurant) etc.
III Professions and occupations of skillful or semi-skillful nature but not using heavy and hazardous machines.
  For example: bakers, butchers, van / truck drivers, printing workers, kitchen workers (restaurant) etc.
IV Professions and occupations mainly of manual work and using machines of a hazardous nature. (subject to separate approval)
  For example: installation & maintenance workers, security guard, carpenter, painter, machines operator etc.
*Plan A - C: Applicable to aged 18 to 65 years old (renewable up to aged 70 years old).
 Child Plan: Applicable to unmarried child(ren) aged 6 months to 17 years old, (renewable up to aged 23 years old who is enrolled in full-time education and who is wholly dependent on the applicant).
#For occupations not listed above or applicant cannot determine the insured person’s occupation class, please make enquiry to us.
For higher Sum Insured, please contact us for individual quotation.
We reserve the right to amend the premium upon policy renewal.
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