Maximum number of domestic helper under one policy is 4.
IA Levy means levy collected by the Insurance Authority. For further information, please refer to our website.
IA Levy = (Basic Premium - Discount) x IA Levy %
Discount is calculated before IA Levy.
Total Premium = Domestic Helper Premium x No. of Domestic Helper - Discount + IA Levy
This premium includes Employees' Compensation Insurance Levy.
Proposer must be aged from 18.
Domestic Helper must be aged from 18 to 60.
Policy confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile no. upon successful premium payment.
Policy confirmation will be sent to your email upon successful premium payment.
Renewal notice will be sent to your correspondence address.
Must be private dwelling for domestic use only.

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Item 1 only
Employees' Compensation
Item 1 - 8
Employees' Compensation + Others
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Benefits Maximum Limit Per Year (HK$)
Item 1
1.Employees’ Compensation
covers legal liability under Employees’ Compensation Ordinance for bodily injury or death to your domestic helper
100,000,000 per accident
Item 2 - 8
2.Personal Accident
covers accidental death and permanent total disablement caused by fire, robbery or burglary at home
3.Repatriation Expenses
covers repatriation expenses incurred in the event that the domestic helper suffers from death, serious sickness or injury resulting in being unable to perform the service contract
4.Surgical & Hospitalization Expenses
covers the expenses incurred by the domestic helpers for hospital confinement for any medical treatment or surgery
 Sub-limit :
 Room and board & other miscellaneous hospital charges
300 per day
 Surgical fee
10,000 per disability
 Anaesthetist’s fee
25% of surgical fee up to 2,500 per disability
 Operating theatre fee
12.5% of surgical fee up to 1,250 per disability
5.Clinical Expenses
covers the expenses incurred by the domestic helper for medical consultation, treatment and prescribed medical supplies
 Sub-limit :
 Registered medical practitioner
150 / visit / day
 Registered or listed chinese medicine practitioner (including bone-setting), or registered physiotherapist
100 / visit / day or 500 in aggregate
6.Dental Expenses
covers the expenses incurred by the domestic helper for oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings
2/3 of the expenses per claim
7.Loan Protection
reimburses the outstanding loan that you have made to the domestic helper if it could not be collected in the event that domestic helper is repatriated or dies
8.Fidelity Guarantee
covers a pecuniary loss resulting from an act of fraud or dishonesty commited by the domestic helper
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