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We understand that not everyone can afford costly medical expenses. To cater for various affordability and needs, we have designed a full cover benefit that guarantees 100% of your hospitalization and surgical costs with an optional annual deductible up to HK$80,000.
Automatically Double Up Annual Limit
Medical expenses for treating critical illnesses are unpredictable. We will automatically double up your annual limit for an extra cost including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cyberknife and gamma knife for cancer treatment or regular hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis as a result of chronic and irreversible kidney failure.
Think Steps Ahead
for You
Private Nursing Care - We will pay the cost of private nursing care subsequent to surgery or discharge from intensive care unit for you.

Reconstruction Surgery - To strive for a beautiful life, and to live confidently and comfortably while facing challenges after an unexpected diagnosis of cancer, we will pay your reasonable reconstructive surgery expense(s) performed within 12 months from the date of diagnosis.
Waiver of Deductible
Suffering some critical illnesses can rack up unexpected costs due to pro-long treatment(s). We will waive the annual deductible, and ease your worries and burden in your difficult and critical moments if you suffered from designated critical illnesses.
Guaranteed Renewal
If you have been an insured under this Policy prior to turning 65 years old, we will guarantee your cover is renewable until you are 100 years old, no matter how much you have claimed and how your health has changed after joining us.
Guaranteed Conversion
In order to provide more freedom and flexibility for you, we assure a guaranteed reduction of annual deductible upon your Policy Anniversary immediately following your 50, 55, 60 or 65 birthday upon request.
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