Basic Coverage
Basic Coverage
Benefit Sections (Section 1-5) Maximum Sum Insured (HK$)
(Any One Occurrence)
1.Property All Risks
Contents and Stock covers accidental loss or damage to contents including furniture and fixture & / or stock as per Sum Insured
All Other Contents covers accidental loss or damage to specific contents including but not limited to computer hardware, system record, mold etc 5,000 per item
1.Removal of Debris
covers the cost of debris removal of the contents following loss or damage insured 10% of Sum Insured
2.Personal Effects
covers damage to personal effects of employee(s) arising from an insured event on the insured location 1,000 per item /
2,500 per person
3.Temporary Removal
covers contents whilst temporarily removed from the insured location for cleaning, renovation, repair or other similar purposes 10% of Sum Insured
4.Stock in Transit
covers damage to loss of goods while in transit within Hong Kong 50,000
5.Document in Transit
covers cost of reinstating & / or reproducing any loss of or damage to documents whilst in transit 5,000
6.Breakage of Fixed Glass & / or Sign
covers damage to fixed glass & / or signboard including neon signs 10% of Sum Insured or 25,000 whichever is the lesser
7.Curiosities and Works of Art
covers damage to curiosities & / or works of art 5,000 per item /
15,000 any one period
8.Repairs, Renovation and Alterations
covers accidental loss of or damage to contents while minor alternations, repairs or interior renovations performed, provided that the contract value does not exceed HK$200,000 as per Sum Insured under Section 1
9.Locks Replacement
covers cost of replacing of damage door locks of the insured location following theft or attempted theft, burglary or robbery with forcible entry 2,000 any one period
10.Seasonal Increase
stock sum insured is automatically increased by 20% of stock for the period from Nov 1 to Mar 1 increased by 20% of Stock Sum Insured
11.Roller Shutters and Gate
covers damage to roller shutters and gate 5,000 any one period
12.Refilling of Fire Extinguisher Expense
covers cost of replenishing of fighting appliances 5,000 any one period
13.Frozen Food
covers damage to frozen food due to change in temperature resulting from mechanical or electrical breakdown in frozen food cabinet & / or cold room 5,000 any one period
2.Business Interruption
Additional Expenditure covers additional expenditures necessarily incurred for the purpose of resuming or maintaining business operation 500,000 or 50% of Section 1 Sum Insured (whichever is the lesser) any one period
1.Loss of Rent
covers loss of rent if the insured location is unfit for occupation as a result of loss or damage to the insured property (except the first 48 hours) 75,000 any one period
2.Public Utilities
covers loss resulting from interruption of or interference with the Business arising from damage to insured property at any public utilities such as public electricity, gas or water supply 250,000 or 10% of Section 1 Sum Insured (whichever is the lesser) any one period
3.Denial of Access
covers loss resulting from denial of access to your insured location due to damage to property in the vicinity of the location (except the first 48 hours) 250,000 or 10% of Section 1 Sum Insured (whichever is the lesser) any one period
4.Professional Accountant's Fee
covers professional accountant's fee for the purpose of verification of claims 25,000 any one period
Loss In Premises during office hours
out of office hours and locked in safe or strong room
out of office hours but not locked in safe or strong room
Loss In Transit (Outside Premises) conveyed by a messenger during normal business hours and within the territory of Hong Kong 50,000
(for Shop, doubled if occurred on Sundays, Public Holidays and the day after holidays)
Crossed Cheque and Credit Card Sales Voucher covers loss due to robbery, burglary and theft 500,000
Counterfeit Notes covers loss due to acceptance of counterfeit Hong Kong Notes & / or Renminbi Notes 15,000 any one period
1.Damages to Safes
covers loss of or damage to safe directly associated with any theft or attempted theft therefrom 10,000
2.Personal Accident
covers accidental death and permanent disablement of employees as a result of burglary, robbery, hold-up or armed robbery 50,000 per person /
250,000 in aggregate
3.Employee Dishonesty
covers direct financial loss as a result of an act or series of related acts of fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee 30,000 per employee /
30,000 in aggregate
4.Public Liability
covers legal liability for third party bodily injury or damage to third party property arising from your business occuring on the insured location in Hong Kong limit of liability : 10,000,000
any one occurrence
1.Tenant’s Liability
covers legal liability as tenant caused by the defective or damage condition of any part of the insured location  
2.Neon Sign / Signboard Liability
covers legal liability for third party bodily injury or damage to third party property arising out of the neon sign or signboards  
3.Medical Payment Incurred under Legal Liability
covers medical payment for third party bodily injury caused by accident at the insured location (HK$1,000 per any one accident)  
4.Food & Drink
covers legal liability arising out of accidental poisoning of any kind arising from food & / or drinks sold or suppplied by the insured (HK$2,000,000 any one period)  
5.Social and Welfare Activities
covers legal liability arising out of sports, social and welfare organization sponsored by the insured  
6.Independent Contractors Liability
covers legal liability arising out of or in connection with any alteration of & / or additional to the insured location (HK$200,000 contract value within 45 days)  
5.Employees’ Compensation
Liability under the Employee's Compensation Ordinance for employees' bodily injury or death arising out of and in the course of employment
1.Business Trip
covers worldwide for all non-manual employees while they are on business trip  
2.Extraordinary Weather
covers employees attending at his / her place of employment by the insured during extraordinary weather conditions  
3.Social Activities
covers employees attending any functions and social activities organized by the insured  
4.To and From
covers employees travelling from home directly to his / her place of employment or any function organized by the insured and vice versa (excluding motor cycle)  
Optional Coverage
Optional Coverage
Benefit Sections (Section 6) Maximum Sum Insured (HK$)
(Any One Occurrence)
6.Personal Accident
Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement  
Any one person Plan A: 500,000
Plan B: 1,000,000
Aggregate limit in any one accident and any one period 50% of Total Sum Insured or 20,000,000 maximum
whichever is the lesser
Major Exclusions
  1. Loss of damage due to any vehicle licensed for road use, contractors, constructional plant, machinery and equipment, railway, locomotives and rolling stock, watercraft or aircraft.
  2. Loss, damage or liability due to any lawfully constituted authority to the Insured Property occurring before dispossession or during temporary dispossession.
  3. Loss, damage or liability due to ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
  4. Any fine or penalty imposed on the Insured.
  5. Damage or consequential loss caused by, consisting of, or arising from any functioning or malfunctioning of the internet or similar facility.
Important Notes
  1. In respect of loss or damage due to Robbery, Burglary and Theft, the Company will indemnify the Insured up to a maximum limit of HK$500,000 or the respective sum insured against each item insured under contents & / or stock whichever is the lesser.
  2. The excess for each and every loss or damage to contents and / or stock by water whatsoever caused is HK$5,000 or 10% of the adjusted loss, whichever is the greater. Others losses except for fire, lightning or explosion caused is HK$500.
  3. The excess for each and every loss or damage to third party property caused by water under legal liability is HK$5,000 or 10% of the adjusted loss, whichever is the greater. Others third party property loss is HK$500.
  4. The Company has the final decision on the acceptance of the application and the insurance coverage. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Company shall be final.
  5. This website provides a brief introduction only. Please refer to the insurance policy for detailed terms and conditions, a specimen of which is available upon request. In the event any discrepancy between the Chinese and English language of this website, the English version shall prevail.
  6. This insurance is underwritten by Target Insurance Company, Limited.
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