Frequently Asked Questions
1.Is there any building age requirement for the Home Protection plan?
The building’s age for this policy must not exceed 35 years. Please leave your contact details if your home building’s age exceeds 35.
2.How do I get home assistance during the period of insurance?
If you need any home assistance during the period of insurance, please call our 24-Hour Home Assistance Services at (852) 3700 6622.
3.Does home insurance offer protection for building structures?
We provide an optional coverage, called "Building All Risks", which is for building structures, which comes with an additional premium charge.
4.Are my home contents covered while being moved to a new location?
Yes. Your home contents are covered against any loss or damage caused by accidents while moving in transit by professional home movers.
5.Can I apply for this Home Protection policy if I am a tenant?
Yes. We accept your application whether you are a tenant or an owner of the property.
6.Can I apply for this Home Protection policy if the gross floor area of my home is over 2,000 sq. ft.?
Please contact our CS hotline (852) 2926 2926 or email us at and leave your contact details for us to follow up and provide a quote.
7.Does the "Overseas Domestic Helper" Other Coverage serve the same purpose as the domestic helper insurance that is legally required?
Yes. Our "Overseas Domestic Helper" Other Coverage is designed to cover your helper's liability under the "Employees' Compensation Ordinance" and under common law for injury at work.
8.I have employed two domestic helpers. Can I apply optional coverage for both helpers?
Yes. We do not have limits on the number of domestic helpers.
9.I am going to hire a replacement helper but there will be one month handover between my existing helper and my new helper. Can the existing policy cover two helpers for this one month?
Yes. But we may issue an endorsement to cover this one month for two helpers, subject to an additional premium.
10.If there is an accident involving a third party, what should I do?
If there is any bodily injury, property loss or damage arising from an accident that involves a third party, please do not settle with that third party yourself or assume any liability or compensation. You should contact us immediately, and we will advise you on the best way to handle the situation.
11.If my home contents are damaged by seepage of water, which was caused by a burst pipe, will it be covered?
Yes. We cover home contents damaged by overflowing water due to burst pipes, and water seepage through cracks formed as the building’s structure was damaged by the direct force of typhoons or windstorms.
12.Is there any sub-limit on personal valuable items?
Yes. We have a sub-limit of Plan A: HK$7,500 per item and HK$100,000 in aggregate and Plan B: HK$10,000 per item and HK$150,000 in aggregate on personal valuables.
13.How can I fill in your application form if my flat is counted with saleable area (sq ft)?
You can get the gross area and fill in the application form by simply dividing the saleable area with 0.75.
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