Frequently Asked Questions
1.How do I choose the suitable medical insurance plan?
You are recommended to consider your actual needs first, and then the scopes of benefits in terms of sum insured, whether or not to cover unknown pre-existing conditions, the medical treatment locations (i.e. Hong Kong & China, Asia or Worldwide), and the level of hospital room types (i.e. Private , Semi-Private Room or Ward Room only).

The price of a medical insurance plan increases along with the sum insured, the scopes of benefits, and age. Therefore, we recommend you to consider your financial burdens and avoid overestimating your needs.
2.What is the definition of “Medically Necessary”?
“Medically Necessary” means the need to have treatment or service for the Covered Illness or Covered Injury upon the professional advice of a Physician in accordance with generally accepted standards of medical practice and the medical service, procedure or supply shall:

a)require the expertise of a Physician or Surgeon;
b)be consistent with the diagnosis and necessary for the treatment of the condition;
c)be rendered in the most cost-efficient manner in accordance with standards of good and prudent medical practice, and not for the convenience of the Insured, Family Members or any medical service providers;
d)be delivered at the most appropriate level sufficient to safely and adequately treat the Insured.
3.What is the qualification(s) to be insured?
Applicants aged between fifteen (15) days to sixty-five (65) years old are eligible to apply. We guarantee to renew up to one hundred (100) years old regardless of claims for those who are insured before sixty-five (65) years old.
4.Is there a minimum length of hospital stay?
Yes, the duration of hospital stay is at least 6 consecutive hours.
5.Why is health declaration important?
Health declaration is important for us to know more about you – your health status, your medical history as well as your habits (e.g. smoking habit). It is your responsibility to declare your health to the best of your knowledge and belief. Omitting and / or providing false information will not only affect the premium, but we may also terminate your cover as a result of a false declaration.
6.How do I ensure hospital expenses are covered?
If you feel uncertain, please contact our customer care hotline before receiving the treatment. We will then identify the claimable sections with you after we have information on your current health status and the estimated hospital expenses.
7.How does the annual deductible apply?
It is an annual deductible that shall be borne by the Insured in any one (1) Policy year and which has to be deducted from the reimbursement sum. You may accumulate all the hospital expenses bills no matter how many illnesses are and submit to us within 90 days (after day case procedure or discharge from hospital).
8.What is the definition of cancer?
In this insurance, cancer means the presence of a malignant tumor that is characterized by progressive, uncontrolled growth, spread of malignant cells and invasion and destruction of normal and surrounding tissue.
9.What is the meaning of “permanent residency”?
Permanent residency refers to a status where the person is allowed to reside within a country of which he / she is not a citizen.

If you reside in this place, e.g. Hong Kong, with more than 90 days, we will consider Hong Kong is your permanent residency.
10.What treatment needs to be pre-authorized?
You should always pre-authorize the following procedures or treatments : MRI, CT Scan & PET Scan benefits.
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