Frequently Asked Questions
1.What kind of industries are applicable under this SME insurance plan?
You can enrol in this insurance plan if your business belongs to the following three categories.

1) Wholesale, Retail, Import & Export Trades, Restaurants, Hotel

2) Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Business Services

3) Community, Social & Personal Services

If your company does not fit in the above categories, please email us at with your contact and business details for a quote.
2.What are the requirements for this SME insurance plan?
The following requirements should be met:

1) Your company falls under the insured nature of business

2) Your employees' occupations fall under those stated in the insured occupation list

3) The store or office has not suffered any losses in the past 3 years

4) The store or office is in a premise built of concrete and in good state of repair

5) The store or office is in a building under the age of 40

Otherwise, please contact our CS hotline (852) 2926 2926 or email us at and leave your contact details for us to follow up and provide a quote.
3.What documents do I need to submit while applying for this SME insurance plan?
Our application procedure is simple. You only complete, sign and return the application together with Business Registration to us.
4.How is the premium calculated? What is the minimum premium?
The basic premium (including EC levy) is based on your insured amount of contents and stock, and your employees' wageroll.

If you are going to purchase Personal Accident for your employees, you can calculate the premium based on the plan selected and the number of employees you wish to insure.

As for the minimum premium, the Property All Risks coverage is HK$1,000, while Property All Risks plus Employees' Compensation coverage is HK$1,500 (excluding EC levy).
5.What payment methods are accepted for SME insurance?
We accept one time annual premium payment by credit card or cheque.

1) Credit card

2) Cheque

For cheque payment, please make your crossed cheque payable to "Target Insurance Company, Limited". Please write down the name of insured, policy number (for policy renewal), contact person and contact number on the back of the cheque and return to us by post.
6.What should I do to make a claim after receiving counterfeit notes?
If you have received a counterfeit note, you should report to police at once. Please submit the original police report and the claim form to our claims department for handling.
7.In case of a third party incident, what should I do ?
If there is any bodily injury, property loss or damage arising from an accident that involves a third party, please do not settle with that third party yourself or assume any liability or compensation. You should contact us immediately, and we will advise you on the best way to handle the situation.
8.Is there any age limit on the optional Personal Accident coverage?
Our optional Personal Accident coverage is for employees aged 18 to 65 only.
9.Is it necessary to declare your neon sign when applying for SME insurance?
No. Details should be provided in the event that you are submitting a claim.
10.In case of a property loss or damage arising from an incident, what should I do?
If any accident occurs during the insured period, please report to the related parties such as property management and the police and obtain the police report or loss or damage report. Please do not repair or replace the damaged property yourself. You should inform us for further advice.
11.Now that I am required to provide the projected employee annual wageroll for Employees' Compensation coverage, do I need to submit the income certificate(s) of my employee(s) when applying for the SME insurance plan?
No, unless we are required for verification purpose. Income certificates will be required in the event that there is an Employees' Compensation claim.
12.If I have already bought an Employees’ Compensation policy for my staff, can I still apply for this insurance plan?
Yes. Our SME insurance is flexible. You may purchase our SME insurance policy independently without the Employees' Compensation section.
13.Am I required to declare the value and proportion of the contents and stock when I apply for an SME insurance policy?
No. Details should be provided in the event that you are submitting a claim.
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