Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is the longest period of insurance for a trip under this travel insurance?
The longest period of insurance is up to 182 days for a Single Trip, and 90 days for an Annual Trip. There is no limit on the number of journeys during the covered year.
2.Is there any age limit for the insured?
The age limit under a Single Trip is from 6 weeks to 85 years old (policy effective date / journey start date); an Annual Trip is from 6 weeks to 70 years old (policy effective date). In addition, the Family Plan covers a legal couple or domestic partner with a maximum of 4 children aged between 6 weeks to less than 18 years old (policy effective date / journey start date) and unmarried.
3.What should I do if emergency assistance is required during the journey?
If you need any emergency assistance during your trip, please call our Hong Kong 24/7 Emergency Service Hotline at (852) 3700 6621.
4.What should I do if I have to extend my journey?
Your cover will automatically be extended up to a maximum of 10 calendar days in the event that the journey is unavoidably delayed.

If you wish to extend your policy (other than for unavoidable delay reasons), please contact us before the policy expires. An additional premium may be required to extend your period of insurance under these circumstances.
5.I have an Annual Trip insurance plan. Does it cover all my journeys made during the year?
The policy provides cover for an unlimited number of journeys made during the insurance period, with each journey lasting no longer than 90 days. If a journey exceeds 90 days, the trip will not be covered from the 91st day onward.

If your journey lasts more than 90 days, you are recommended to enrol a Single Trip plan as it covers any journey up to 182 days.
6.What should be my policy inception date for a flight schedule starting at midnight?
You can purchase the travel insurance based on the actual departure date and do not need to purchase one extra day.

For example, if a car accident occurred on 1st June, 23:00 when you are on the way to airport, but your flight departed at 00:30 on 2nd June, you would be protected under the personal accident section of this travel insurance.
7.If the planned trip was delayed due to "Air Traffic Control", can I claim for the delay?
We are sorry that we cannot proceed with your claim because "Air Traffic Control" does not fall within our policy coverage under the Travel Delay Section. However, you would be compensated with HK$500 for every 5 hours your flight is delayed if the delay from "Air Traffic Control" is the direct or indirect result of adverse weather conditions or a natural disaster.
8.Will I be covered if I am injured by a terrorist attack while travelling?
Our travel insurance extends to cover accidental death or bodily injury, medical expenses and emergency assistance services in case of a terrorist attack while traveling. Please refer to Basic Benefits Section 1 (Emergency Medical Expenses and Assistance Benefit) and Section 2 (Personal Accident Benefit) for details.
9.Is my mobile phone covered under this travel insurance?
We cover the loss, physical breakage or damage directly resulting from accident, theft, robbery and burglary of your mobile phone during the journey. It is subject to a sub-limit of HK$2,000.
10.Are marathon events covered under this travel insurance?
We cover overseas marathon competitions, except if you are participating in a professional capacity.
11.What kind of sports and recreational activities are covered?
We cover dangerous amateur sports including skiing, diving, rafting and marathon running. However, any organized sports, any kind of race (other than Marathon races only), motor rallies and competitions, mountaineering (necessitating the use of ropes or pitons), speed or endurance tests, parachuting, trekking or hiking at an altitude of over 5,000 meters above sea-level, scuba diving to a depth greater than 30 meters below sea-level, or other hazardous pursuits or occupations are not covered.
12.Which countries are covered in the Asia Plan?
The Asia Plan covers Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Guam, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Saipan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Tinian and Vietnam.
13.If my journey starts from Hong Kong and includes a number of destinations, do I need to purchase a separate plan for each country?
If you are travelling to multiple destinations within the same trip, you will be covered under one policy. Please select the furthest region as listed under our area of coverage. Please note that all journeys must depart from Hong Kong.
14.Can I buy travel insurance for a business trip?
This insurance is valid for conventional leisure travel or business travel (limited to administrative work only). It excludes business travel involving assignments of a dangerous or manual labour nature.
15.Are cruise tours covered under this travel insurance?
We cover cruise tours. If you need specific coverage for cruise tours, you can buy optional Cruise Vacation coverage (which includes additional journey cancellation and interruption, cruise cancellation and interruption and excursion tour cancellation); we also have optional Scuba Diving coverage (tour cost and equipment hire).
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